Aspirating Smoke Detection

  • This is our ASSD product range, for further details on any of these, or our complete product portfolio please contact your local distributor.
    ASSD Brochure
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  • FAAST 8100e

    FAAST 8100E

    FAAST 8100E is a ground breaking aspirating solution designed to deliver highly accurate and discreet early warning fire detection.

  • FAAST LT-200

    FAAST LT-200

    The FAAST LT-200 Aspirating Smoke Detector is designed with the installer and end user in mind.

    It serves the wide variety of Class C applications where maintenance is difficult, where traditional smoke detection methods are inappropriate or prone to fail due to harsh environments or areas where aesthetics matter. It is also suitable for smaller mission critical applications where very early warning - Class A or B detection is required.



    The FAAST XS aspirating smoke detector combines advanced particle separation with unique dual source optical smoke detection technology to provide highly sensitive Very Early Warning Fire Detection while providing enhanced immunity to false alarms. This technology enables FAAST XS to accurately detect incipient fire conditions up to Class A (according to EN54-20), in applications ranging from mission critical to harsh and extreme environments.

  • Automatic Purging Unit

    Automatic Purging Unit

    ASD systems continuously monitor the air in a protected environment, potentially subjecting the system to contamination over time. In order to prevent the build up of pipe or aspiration hole contaminants, regular ASD system purging with compressed air is essential. Honeywell's compact and user-friendly AFE70-2 unit features a single built- in Solenoid valve, which initiates the release of air into the ASD system.

  • Refrigerated STorage Sampling Kit

    Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit

    The Honeywell Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit provides a standardised method of smoke sampling for Refrigerated Storage facilities in a considerably improved manner allowing simplified installation with reduced maintenance, thus promoting more reliable and hassle-free operation.